Ministry Schedules 

The next time you’re at Mass, take a look around and see how many people it takes to accomplish all that happens at Mass. We call these people “Liturgical Ministers,” and we have a fantastic group of them at St. Bernard. Scroll down to learn more about what these ministries are all about and if you’d like to help. If you see something that interests you, contact the person listed by each ministry.

Altar Server

Altar Servers assist the priest at Mass or other services. This is a great way for them to learn about the Eucharist. The Altar Server Ministry is open to all children of St. Bernard Parish who are in grades 5 – 8. A training session is held each fall. Altar Servers are normally scheduled one or two times per month throughout the year.

Contact Joe LeBeau at 920-468-4811

Reader (Minister of the Word)

Those who are called to the ministry of reader apply their talents and time to proclaim God’s Word to the worship community. This ministry requires preparation of the Old and New Testament readings in the Liturgy of the Word.
Contact Mike Wozala at 920-465-1363

Eucharistic Minister

Eucharistic Ministers share Holy Communion with the congregation at Mass. A training session is required. Serve as necessary.
​Sign up before Mass.
Contact Joe LeBeau at 920-468-4811

Communion to Homebound

Eucharistic Ministers to the home bound are specially trained to take the Eucharist from church out to those Catholics and parishioners who, due to sickness or aging, are unable to join us for the celebration of the Mass. As they visit each person, the ministers offer Communion and read Scripture.
Contact Sr. Caroline Castellini at 920-468-4811


Sacristans work behind the scenes preparing items used during our liturgical celebrations, including hosts, wine, vessels, linens, vestments, etc. A training session is required. Sacristans serve at least once a month.
Contact Joe LeBeau at 920-468-4811

Usher (Minister of Hospitality)

St. Bernard Parish strives to be a welcoming faith community energized by the Eucharist and sensitive to the needs of all. Ushers are people who have a great sense of hospitality. Ushers answer questions, hand out song sheets, help families find seating and coordinate the movement of the congregation during Holy Communion. Following Mass, ushers ensure that the church is prepared to receive those who will attend the next Mass by tidying up the pews.
Contact Dan Barrington or Joe LeBeau at 920-468-4811

Liturgical Environment

These parishioners decorate the worship space They create an atmosphere of simplicity and hospitality with attention to the total space from the approach to the building through the gathering space and to the altar itself.
Contact Joe LeBeau at 920-468-4811

Altar Linens

Assist in washing and preparing linens for the altar.
Contact Joe LeBeau at 920-468-4811