Ecumenical Partnership for Housing


In 1992, four local churches came together and addressed homelessness in Green Bay and Ecumenical Partnership for Housing (EPH). EPH owns and manages twenty units spread throughout the area helping homeless families transition to stable housing. It is a partnership between sixteen churches and the Salvation Army helping families with shelter, education and support services. Also, Catholic Charities provides budget counseling along with other programs to help the family succeed.

To be considered for an EPH home, participants must have children, be homeless and willing to be part of the program. While living in an EPH house, parents work toward paying off debts; receive education and obtain employment while children have a stable home. The average family lives in an EPH house about six months while developing skills to move to their own permanent house.

Each unit is fully furnished including food staples. A hot meal is provide to welcome the family and each family member receives a comforter provided by a local group called Warmth From the Heart.

400 families have been helped and 85%-100% have remained in stable housing after one year. Twenty plus families are on the waiting list.
EPH receives no public funding and relies solely on financial and volunteer contributions.

As a partnership church with EPH, St. Bernard’s has a board member and a volunteer unit coordinator; however, volunteers are needed for cleaning and maintaining the unit when a family moves out, called a “flip”. We are called about twice a year to “flip” the house for the next occupants. Would you consider volunteering to help “flip” our unit for the next family?

If you would like to help in the future, please contact either:
Jan Hess 468-4871 [email protected]
Sr. Caroline 468-4811 [email protected]

Help is also needed with other skilled home-owner tasks such as: furniture moving, plumbing and painting. Donations of household goods will also be considered.