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A Little Extra Peace For You Today

Sometimes, the St. Faustina Diary just gets me through the hard times, I’m not kidding. Here is quote from there that seems so timely to what’s going on in society today, and I thought I’d share it with you in [...]

Office Updates with Ginny

Have you been wondering what’s been happening in the office here at St. Bernard? Ginny’s here today to give you some updates about what staff members have been up to – and more importantly to say THANK YOU to all [...]

How to Stay Motivated During Quarantine

Sometimes this quarantine can really bring us down. It can be easy to lose hope, it seems like! We can even fall into laziness. It’s not bad to have a lazy day, but when it becomes a habit in our [...]

Staying Connected From Home

Life is crazy. You feel like you have no control. But guess what? Your prayer and spiritual life can still exist and even be stronger than ever! It might take a little getting used to, but St. Bernard Parish is [...]