Alpha introduces people to the initial proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ. It takes people on a journey often leading to a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. It enables people to ask their questions, share ideas, build friendships, and experience the love of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. Alpha is a series of ten weekly interactive sessions where one can rediscover and explore the Christian faith.

Nothing is more solid, profound, secure, meaningful, and wisdom-filled than that initial proclamation.
Pope Francis, EG, 165

Each session consists of:

  • Meal (Tuesdays and Thursdays) or a Snack (Wednesdays): A great way to get to know each other​
  • Talk: A video with a short talk is played. Each talk explores one of the big issues around the faith and is designed to engage and inspire conversation, including topics such as:
    Who Is Jesus? Why Did Jesus Die? How Can I Have Faith? Why and How do I Pray? Why and How Should I Read the Bible? How Does God Guide Us? Who is the Holy Spirit? What does the Holy Spirit Do? How Can I resist Evil? Does God Heal Today? How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life? Why Do I need the Church?
  • Small Group Discussion: Provides the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas on the topic, without criticism or judgment
  • Also included is a “Saturday Day Away,” an essential component of the ALPHA experience

Information on 2020/2021 Alpha sessions is pending.

Dates and times for the Fall 2020 ALPHA SESSIONS are pending.
​Watch this website and the parish bulletin for updates.
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