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A message from the Altar Rosary Society:

Hello all!  For those of you who don’t know me, I am the treasurer for the St. Bernard Altar & Rosary Society. I’m excited to announce that the link to our new fundraiser is active!  The company I have been working with is That’s My Pan out of Chippewa Falls which offers personalized products like cake pans, pie pans, coffee mugs, bbq sets, and more! Most of their product is Made in the USA. There are many options for customization. For most of the cake pan/pie pan options, both the lid and the pan are customized. These make great unique gifts and you can shop from your own home.

The link for the fundraiser:

Please make sure to use this link and not their retail link, so the sale goes to the Altar Society. All orders will require a credit card.

I plan on submitting a bulk order at the end of October (order by October 29) and another in November (order by November 20). After you place your order through the link above, I get a notification and can add it to our bulk order. These will ship to my house and I’ll work out a time for the product to be picked up or I can drop it off at your house if you are local. This will provide enough time to get the product by Christmas. There is $2.75 shipping added to each item you order for the bulk order. We will make the most profit on bulk orders. It will take approximately 3 weeks from the time I submit the bulk order for you to receive your product.For those that are not local, there is a button at the top right of the page that says Not Local. Those orders will ship directly to the address specified in the order. Shipping cost will be the same as the retail site. The Altar & Rosary Society will still get 10% of the sale, but it is a smaller amount of profit for our fundraiser than the bulk order. If you have family and friends that would like to order, I encourage you to share the link with them. If they are not local, please have them use the Not Local button.

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