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Love for Others

Isn’t it hard sometimes to just do things for others without thinking of how it will affect ourselves? How often do we think first of our own needs before someone else’s?

This week’s challenge: try to find opportunities to give and sacrifice for others without thinking of the cost that it would have to you.

“Teach us to give and not to count the cost.”

-St. Ignatius

It doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary necessarily. It could be as simple as seeing your spouse or sibling doing the dishes, and you offer to help. You may be busy doing something else, or you might be relaxing in the living room, but how much would it mean to that person for you to offer to rinse the dishes? This act of pure love for another without thinking of your own needs and wants means so much to Jesus that He said to St. Faustina: “A single act of pure love pleases Me more than a thousand imperfect prayers.”

Or maybe it means donating money or clothes to charity. Yes, it’s costly to you in the sense that you won’t have as much money or clothes, but you’re giving to someone less fortunate. You’re sacrificing your own needs and thinking of the needs of others first. Isn’t that beautiful?

How can you give to others without counting the cost? How can you implement this into your daily life, and ultimately to who you are?

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