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Update from Fr. Mark

Hello St. Bernard Family,

Greetings and peace to you! We want to keep you updated on parish hours and availability. Thank you for joining us for Sunday Mass! We had over 1000 views of our Mass. We look forward to having you join us this Sunday for our LIVE stream of the 5th Sunday of Lent. Keep praying and loving.

With Governor Ever’s directive to stay safe at home, we are discerning when and how to offer an opportunity for a visit to the church. We want to keep everyone safe and to do our part, so information will be forthcoming as events evolve.

The parish office will be available for a phone call if you need something, 9am-3pm, Monday through Thursday. Call ahead if you are coming for something absolutely essential. Thank you for you understanding!

Know of my prayers for you at the Altar each day and ask that you pray for each other and for me!

Fr. Mark Vander Steeg

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